23 Mar 2010 Pre-2014 Releases

In response to the events that took place at Lingfield on Saturday 20th March, Paul Struthers, Media Relations Manager for the British Horseracing Authority, said:

“The relevant reports from the Lingfield Stewards are being studied.  The facts appear to be relatively straightforward and we would expect to have charges issued in the near future.  What those charges are, is yet to be decided, although they will be published once they are issued and a date for a hearing set.

“We understand from the Professional Jockeys Association that there is some concern amongst their members over their safety.  We would like to reassure them that their safety is important and that this was, thankfully, a rare and isolated incident.  It occurred in an area of the racecourse which had restricted access but, as the incident involved a registered owner, there is little that could have been done to prevent it.

“Racecourse security staff intervened in the incident quickly, and as all parties involved were bound by the Rules of Racing, the matter was dealt with by the Stewards.  There were no police on duty at the racecourse and it would have been a matter for the course to call them had they felt it necessary, and had the incident involved individuals not bound by the Rules of Racing, they would have done so.  It was also open to those affected to involve the police themselves.

“If the Professional Jockeys Association has any specific concerns then we will of course listen to them and act if necessary.”