08 Dec 2009 Pre-2014 Releases

The British Horseracing Authority has agreed to amend the ‘Totting-Up’ system, following extensive consultation with the Professional Jockeys Association.

The amendments, which will be introduced at the start of the Flat Season in 2010, will see the following changes:
12 months Totting-Up period reduced to 6 months
Trigger-figure reduced from 24 days suspension (but over 12 months) to 20 days suspension
Penalty range remains the same: 10-28 days (entry point 14 days, with clear guidance on sentencing provided to Disciplinary Panel – see Notes for Editors)

All suspension days accumulated over the previous 6 months – 27th September to 26th March – will be included within the totting-up figures when the new system is introduced on 27th March 2010.

William Nunneley, Head of Stewarding for the British Horseracing Authority, said:

“We considered a system that would track individual jockeys’ records and reward them if they went for a given period without a suspension, but due to the computer development required to introduce such a system and the costs associated with that, an alternative option has been agreed with the Professional Jockeys Association.

“These revised criteria will still reward jockeys who ride within the rules whilst penalising those who consistently fail to do so. If the new criteria were applied to those jockeys who had been referred under the Totting-Up system in the last two years, only two would have been referred, as opposed to the 30 that actually were.”

Kevin Darley, Chief Executive of the Professional Jockeys Association, said:

“We would like to thank the British Horseracing Authority for listening to the concerns of our members and changing a system that, in our view, was unfairly penalising too many jockeys for a series of minor transgressions.”

For more information please contact Paul Struthers, Media Relations Manager, on 020 7152 0166 or 07966 590105, or Kevin Darley, Chief Executive of the PJA, on 07974 172675.

Notes for Editors:

There are separate Totting-Up totals for whip and careless riding offences.

2005 – 4

2006 – 5

2007 – 5

2008 – 13

2009 – 17