16 Apr 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

Charged Jockey Suspended With Income Support

Published: 16 April 1999

The Stewards of the Jockey Club today suspended Graham Bradley’s licence following the police’s decision to charge him with conspiracy to cheat, in connection with the running of MAN MOOD (FR) in the Oliver Cromwell Handicap Chase at Warwick on 5th November 1996.

The decision was taken because of the serious nature of the charge and has immediate effect. They also decided that it would be appropriate for him to receive income support equivalent to the amount due to him if he were injured and claiming from the Professional Riders’ Insurance Scheme (PRIS). The amount is at the rate of approximately £29,000 p.a. The Stewards have also placed constraints on his access to restricted areas on racecourses.

The Stewards have decided that they will not consider any application for a new licence until such time as Graham Bradley has been acquitted or the prosecution against him dropped or he is able to satisfy the Stewards that there has been a material development which if present now would have caused them to reach a different decision. The Stewards are aware that the committal proceedings are likely to take place within the next few months.

Christopher Spence, the Jockey Club’s Senior Steward said: “This is a sad day but it is the Jockey Club’s responsibility to preserve the integrity of racing. The Jockey Club is bound to consider carefully what action to take when a jockey is charged with a serious criminal offence in connection with racing. The Stewards have not made a judgement on whether or not Graham Bradley is guilty of the charge laid against him but have decided that in view of the nature and gravity of the charge it is inappropriate for a licensed jockey to continue race riding. While the suspension is in place, the Stewards have made arrangements to provide financial support for Graham Bradley.”

Notes For Editors:
1. Graham Bradley, was charged on 13th April 1999 with conspiracy to cheat. He appeared at Bow Street Magistrates Court on 14th April 1999 and was released on police bail to 9th June 1999. He is charged that on or before 5th November 1996, within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court, he did conspire with others to win for himself or others, from bookmakers, sums of money through the wagering on the event of a horse race, the Oliver Cromwell Handicap Chase (3.25 pm) at Warwick on 5th November 1996, by fraud or other unlawful device; in that together he agreed that MAN MOOD, the horse ridden by him, would not win the said race contrary to cheat at gaming activities contrary to Section 1 (1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

2. The Stewards of the Jockey Club held an enquiry on Monday 15th March 1999 to consider whether or not, in the light of the charges of conspiracy to defraud in connection with horse racing brought by the Metropolitan Police against Mr John Matthews, Mr Glen Gill, Mr Jason Moore, Mr Adam Hodgson and Mr Ray Butler, they should exercise their powers under Rule 2(v) of the Rules of Racing and exclude them from all premises owned, licensed or controlled by the Jockey Club. Having considered the charges, and written representations on behalf of Messrs Gill and Moore, the Stewards ordered all five men to be excluded from all premises owned, licensed or controlled by the Jockey Club with immediate effect for an indefinite period.

3. The Stewards have acted under Rules 2 (iv)(a) and 2 (v)(a) of the Rules of Racing.

Rule 2 (iv)

The Stewards of the Jockey Club have power if good cause is shown or when any person has committed any breach of the Rules of Racing to withdraw or suspend his licence or permit and

(a) to make the reinstatement of such licence or permit at the expiry of any period of suspension subject to the licence holder having complied with and / or continuing to comply with such requirements or conditions as they think fit.

Rule 2 (v)

The Stewards of the Jockey Club shall have power to exclude or cause or order to be excluded for any period or for an indefinite period from any premises owned, licensed or controlled by them any person whether or not subject to the Rules of Racing

(a) whose conduct they, in their absolute discretion, consider to be such as to make the presence of such person on such premises undesirable in the interest of racing even though such person is not and has not been declared, a disqualified person.