22 Sep 2016 Grassroots


Just over 24 hours remain in the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) Colours Auction and prospective buyers are encouraged not to miss their opportunity to secure one of the six sets of iconic silks on offer before bidding closes at 8pm on Friday 23 September.

The stand out designs offer new and existing racehorse owners the chance to have their horses associated with a striking and distinct set of silks and the colours can be viewed and bid on via

In addition to colours displaying classic horseshoe and anchor designs, exciting sets of silks covered in flames and multi coloured spots, as worn by Tom Marquand, are on offer. Silks resplendent in four shades of red and rainbow patterns are also included in the unique auction.

Already four of the six colours on offer have met their reserve with the majority of bidding expected to take place on the final day before the auction closes. The income will be targeted at initiatives to improve racehorse ownership and better help recruit and retain racehorse owners, with 5% of all proceeds split between Racing Welfare and Retraining of Racehorses (ROR), the official charities of the BHA. 

All bids should be made via the Colours Auction Microsite, while progress of the auction can also be followed on the BHA Website.line-image-22-09-colours-auction