17 Dec 2008 Pre-2014 Releases

• Dean McKeown’s appeal against the findings of being in breach of Rules 201(v) and 157 is dismissed
• A decision relating to the appeal against the level of penalties imposed for the breaches will be made when submissions have been received

The Appeal Board of the British Horseracing Authority on 15 and 16 December 2008, heard an appeal lodged by Dean McKeown, a former licensed jockey, against the decision of the Disciplinary Panel following its enquiry on 29 September – 3 October 2008 whereby:

1. The Panel found McKeown to be in breach of:

a) Rule 201(v) – having been involved in a conspiracy in the passing of inside information for the horses he rode in 11 suspect races for the purposes of enabling lay bets to be placed.

b) Rule 157 – rode in breach of Rule 157 on four occasions in that he did not make the positive efforts that the Rule required, and that he was trying to conceal this practice by, for instance, delivering air shots with his whip.

The Panel imposed the following penalties on McKeown:

For the breach of Rules 201 (v) and 157, the Panel declared that McKeown should be a disqualified person for 4 years.

McKeown appealed against both the Panel’s findings that he was in breach of Rules 201 (v) and 157 and the penalty imposed.

Having considered the papers that were before the Disciplinary Panel, a transcript of the original hearing, both written and oral legal submissions on behalf of McKeown and the British Horseracing Authority, the Board decided that:

1) The appeal against the findings of the breaches of Rules 201 (v) and 157 by McKeown is dismissed.

2) A decision on the appeal against the penalties imposed on McKeown will be made when any submissions on his behalf that he wishes this Board to consider have been received.

3) Any other matters, including costs and the return or forfeit of his deposit will similarly be considered later.

Notes for Editors:

1. The members of the Appeal Board for the hearing were: Sir Roger Buckley (Chairman), The Hon Mrs Jane Gillies and Christopher Hodgson

2. Reasons for the Appeal Board’s decision will be produced if they are requested.