“Find Out Why…” New videos showcase to racegoers the high welfare standards in British horseracing

17 Feb 2020 BHA Features Welfare
  • Eight short films discuss some of the common questions about equine welfare
  • Jump jockey Tom Scudamore and BHA vet Sally Taylor star
  • Videos to be played on British racecourses to educate and inform racegoers

As of today, racegoers on British racecourses will hear all about the extraordinarily high standards of welfare that exist within British racing through a series of eight new short films.

Top jump jockey Tom Scudamore and British Horseracing Authority (BHA) vet Sally Taylor are the stars of the videos, which address a series of the commonly asked questions about equine welfare in racing.

The videos cover topics such as “What happens if a horse falls?” “What is the life of a racehorse like?” “What is a whip and why is it used?” and “What happens to horses when the finish racing?”.

The videos use the first-hand opinions and perspectives of those involved in the sport as vet and rider, alongside data and information to support their views. They showcase how horses are cared for at home, how their breeding and nature makes them ideally suited for their job and how the sport takes steps to make racing as safe as possible.

The videos will be played out on big screens and CCTV across British racecourses, including at Carlisle, Lingfield and Kempton Park today, as well as being available for social media and broadcasters to use.

Previews of the eight videos can be viewed here:

What is the life of a racehorse like?

Is it fair to ask horses to race?

How does racing benefit the horse and wider society?

How much importance does racing place on horse welfare?

What does the sport do to make racing as safe as possible?

What happens if a horse falls?

What is a whip and why is it used?

What happens to horses when the finish racing? (featuring Alice Plunkett)

Top jumps jockey Tom Scudamore said:

“I was pleased to be able to take part in these videos. I feel very passionately about what I do and about the close connection that I have with the horses that I ride. I want to be able to help share that message and show the public that the horses are the most important part of this sport for everyone who works in it.”

BHA vet Sally Taylor said:

“While everyone who works in British racing is aware of the remarkably high welfare standards that exist within the sport, it is not necessarily the case that everyone who visits racecourses has full knowledge or understanding of just how well cared for our horses are, and what lengths the sport goes to in order to keep them safe.

“As a vet I can say with confidence that racehorses are extremely well cared for. Over 5.6m people visited British racetracks in 2019 – these videos are designed to inform and educate those racegoers about the lives that racehorses lead.”

The development of the videos was led by the BHA and funded by the sport’s Horse Comes First project board. The concept and content were developed in conjunction with Equine Productions Ltd, alongside a working group of racecourse representatives including the Racecourse Association (RCA), Jockey Club Racecourses (JCR), Arena Racing Company (ARC) and representatives of small and large independent racecourses. The eight videos were filmed and produced by Equine Productions Ltd. The BHA is grateful to all parties for the part they have played.