16 Jan 2009 Pre-2014 Releases

A sub-committee of the BHA Regulatory Committee held a hearing yesterday to consider the licence of Essex County Showground Group Ltd as Managing Executive of Great Leighs. The sub-committee comprised John Bridgeman, Nic Coward and Stephen Bate. The Managing Executive was represented by John Holmes, Chairman, and Paul Renney of Campbell Hooper, solicitors.

The racecourse Managing Executive has been operating under temporary licences since 1 January 2009, the latest of which expired at midnight on 15 January 2009.

An application at the hearing was made for a new temporary licence to operate until the end of January.

The Committee declined to grant a further temporary licence. The effect is that, unless and until a new application is made, and is successful, there is no licence in place for racing at Great Leighs.

The Racing Department of the British Horseracing Authority are dealing with the Fixture List and racing administration consequences of this.

16th January 2009