22 Apr 2010 Pre-2014 Releases

Ian Popham is streets ahead of his rivals going into the final race of the 2009/2010 Betfair Conditional Jockeys Training Series at Perth on Friday, and cannot be caught.

Popham, who is based with the powerful West Country Paul Nicholls yard, rode in eight of the series’ ten heats, with two wins, second and fourth placed rides.

His prize will be 12 months sponsorship by Timeform, who will be providing branded race riding and riding- out clothing as well as a cash prize, to the total value of £3,500.

Steve Smith-Eccles, British Racing School Jockey Coach comments:  “Ian was one of the young jockeys riding in this series that stood out.  I was impressed with his professional attitude and attention to detail, and his riding visibly improved as the series progressed.  He definitely has a big future.”

Tony Calvin, Betfair’s Head Of Media, said: “Betfair is once again delighted to be able to assist in the development of the jockeys in this series, and I am sure Ian will be an excellent ambassador for Timeform, whom have kindly agreed to sponsor him.”

For further information please contact :
Mary-Ann Sandercock, Project Manager – 07786 925803
Richard Perham, British Racing School Jockey Coach – 07836 521636
Tony Calvin, Betfair Head Of Media – 07881 508 999

Notes to Editors:

–          Leader Board:

1.       Ian Popham        75pts
2.       David Bass         58pts
3.       Jimmy Derham   52pts
4.       Charlie Wallace    49pts
5.       Giles Hawkins    47pts

–          Betfair was the first person-to-person betting exchange. A betting exchange allows punters to bet on prices set by punters themselves rather than by a bookmaker, which, by one independent study, results in Betfair’s odds being 20% better than bookmakers’ starting prices.

–          Timeform provide comprehensive racehorse ratings which are widely accepted as the definitive measure of racing merit. 

–          The Betfair Conditional Jockeys Training Series is designed to be the next step on from the Hands and Heels Series in terms of developing jockeys race riding skills and professionalism.  Riders are permitted use whips but only in the backhand position.

–          The Betfair Conditional Jockeys Training Series consisted of 12 races as below:

17 October 2009                               Kelso
25 November 2009                          Chepstow
9 December 2009                             Leicester
19 January 2010                                Folkestone
20 January 2010                                Newcastle
30 January 2010                                Uttoxeter
8 February 2010                                Southwell
14 February 2010                              Hereford
14 March 2010                                   Towcester
26 March 2010                                   Sedgefield
3 April 2010                                         Newton Abbot (abandoned)
23 April 2010                                       Perth (FINAL)

–          British Racing School Jockey Coach Steve Smith-Eccles attended each race, walked the course with riders, briefing them on the conditions of the race and carried out a review with riders in the Stewards Room following the race.

–          This was the third Conditional Jockeys Training Series, and the first series that has consisted of 12 races.

–          Rhys Flint won the 2008/2009 Conditional Jockeys Training Series.