04 Sep 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

The BHB today published the second edition of the manual†_x001C_Health and Safety in the Racing Industr?_x001D_. Commonly referred to as†_x001C_The Red Boo?_x001D_, the guidelines aim to show how to interpret the requirements of Health and Safety legislation in the context of the Racing and Breeding Industries.

Written in simple language, the Red Book covers the following areas:

Health and Safety Policy
Induction and Training
Risk Assessments
First Aid
Reporting of Accidents
Working Time Directive

Lady Burnham, the BHB Director in charge of the project, said:

“We all know that working with thoroughbred horses will always carry an element of risk. HSE recognises this too. But there is no excuse for failing to take all reasonable and practical measures to minimise the risks and hazards existing in a training yard or stud. The consequences of bad practice are obvious: accidents, maybe even deaths; lack of confidence and morale amongst the staff, leading to high turnover and absenteeism; loss of business; and, possibly, legal action.

“Since we published the first Red Book in 1999, the Health and Safety record in Racing and Breeding has improved greatly. It appears that there has been a real increased awareness of the potential dangers and it is encouraging that employers are evidently appreciating the significance of health and safety. But, as we have stated, there is more to health and safety than keeping records and writing out risk assessments. Trainers and stud managers have to continue to develop a culture of health and safety throughout their yards and studs at all levels, so that thinking ‘health and safety’ becomes second nature. It’s all part of caring for the welfare of all those associated with racing yards and studs and could, in turn, only help retention of staff in the Industry.

“The new Red Book has been produced with the help and input from a range of contributors. I would like particularly to thank the Levy Board, which has generously financed the production of this new edition. I also want to thank HSE, the Jockey Club, NTF, TBA and SLA, the British Racing School, the Northern Racing College and Suffolk Learning and Skills Council for their input.”

Copies of the new Red Book will be sent to all licensed trainers and to a large proportion of studs by the end of September.

For further information, please contact Annie Dodd at BHB on 0207 343 3309.