09 Oct 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Jeremy Phipps Resigns

Published: 9 October 2002

Jeremy Phipps today resigned from his position as the Jockey Club’s Director of Security.

Christopher Spence, the Senior Steward, said:

“I accepted Jeremy Phipps’ resignation with great regret as in his short time with the Jockey Club, first as acting Head of Security and then as Director of Security, he has contributed a great deal. Since taking over the running of the Security Department he has successfully restored morale amongst the team and given them the confidence to operate to their strengths. He was also actively involved in developing proposals for the Integrity Review Committee, which was reconvened earlier this year.

“I think it is a great pity that incidents relating to the filming of the Panorama programme have culminated in Jeremy’s resignation but I am pleased that he has agreed to help with transitional arrangements which will hopefully minimise disruption within the department.

9th October 2002

Notes for Editors:

1. Jeremy Phipps was appointed as the interim Head of Security in September 2001. He was formally appointed Director of Security on 11th February 2002.

2. Attached to this release is Jeremy Phipps’ letter of resignation to Christopher Spence.

[Jeremy Phipps Press Release Continued – Letter of Resignation]

9th October 2002

Dear Christopher,

I have already written and spoken to you with my views about recent events.

I very much regret that a “trial by press” situation has been able to develop which has, I believe, made my position untenable.

For the record, our strategy was always for me to have a private meeting with Roger Buffham. As the purpose of the meeting was to win his confidence, I had no choice but to accept his assurances that he was not wired and to indicate sympathy for his views. Panorama infringed the privacy of our meeting and recorded me making some pretty critical remarks that will be seen to be damaging to the Jockey Club, although you know they are not my real views. I accept that my approach has caused embarrassment, for which I apologise most sincerely.

Although the Panorama team discarded the agreed line of questioning at Newmarket, I felt nonetheless it best to continue to co-operate. Had we had some previous knowledge or indication that Panorama had recorded and filmed my meeting with Roger we would never have agreed to an interview at that stage. Rather unexpectedly I became the Jockey Club fall guy.

To date I have served 8 months as your Director of Security. Whilst some have described the post as a poisoned chalice I have really enjoyed the challenge and believe have achieved some good results. I have a good, loyal and professional team who have been very supportive, especially most recently.

I wish to take an honourable approach over this whole affair to save any further embarrassment to you and The Jockey Club and very sadly must therefore offer you my resignation.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Phipps CB
Director of Security