15 Oct 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockey Club and Minister For Sport Discuss the Way Forward

Published: 15 October 2002

Commenting on their meeting with the Richard Caborn, Minister for Sport, Christopher Spence, Senior Steward, said:

“Christopher Foster and I had a very constructive hour with the Minister discussing both ways in which the integrity of racing can be better protected through increasing deterrents, including improvements to the regulation of betting, and evolving the Regulatory structure to demonstrate greater independence. We shall be producing an outline document in the coming weeks.”

15th October 2002

Statement from Richard Caborn, Minister for Sport, following meeting with Jockey Club representatives today, 15th October.

“I have had a constructive meeting with the Jockey Club. They made clear to me their determination to press ahead with practical measures to protect racing from exploitation and also their commitment to modernise the arrangements to uphold the integrity of racing in a way which commands the confidence both of those in the sport and of the wider public. We discussed the scope for bringing more independence and transparency into the way in which racing is regulated and the rules of racing are enforced. The Jockey Club emphasised to me their recognition that change is needed, to run alongside the improvements to the regulation of betting (including the establishment of a new Gambling Commission) which the Government is taking forward. They have undertaken to let me have initial proposals within the next few weeks. I and my Department will be willing to provide all the help we can to support the process of change which is now underway. It will of course be important for it to involve all the relevant stakeholders within the industry; and to recognise the value and professionalism of the work undertaken by Jockey Club staff.

“I look forward to an outcome which sees new arrangements for the regulation of racing which achieve the necessary degree of independence and wider accountability.”