26 Feb 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockey Club Confirms That Samples For Testing Taken From Trainers` Yards

Published: 26 February 2002

Peter Webbon, the Jockey Club’s Veterinary Director, said today:

“As part of the Jockey Club’s policy for testing horses in training, I can confirm that five trainer’s yards were visited this morning and that approximately 350 blood samples were collected for testing. I fully anticipate that the findings from these tests will back up our belief that drug abuse within British racing is minimal.

“I would like to thank the trainers and their staff for their co-operation. As a result, the operation went as smoothly as we could have hoped and I hope that disruption to their training programmes at this busy time was kept to a minimum.”

Background Notes:

 The Jockey Club has carried out testing in training since 1998, however, today was the first time that unannounced testing has taken place in Britain. In future all tests in training will be unannounced

 Britain is the last of the member countries of the European Horserace Scientific Liaison Committee (EHSLC) to initiate unannounced testing in yards, such tests are already common place in France, Italy, Germany and Ireland.

 The EHSLC seeks to harmonise dope testing procedures throughout the major European racing countries.

 A trainer’s yard is selected for testing either at random or on the basis of intelligence received.

 Last spring the Jockey Club also took a large number of blood samples pre-race at both Flat and National Hunt meetings.

 Doping/medication control in Britain is managed as a partnership between the Jockey Club and the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory (HFL). All operational matters are dealt with, in the first instance, by the Joint Anti-Doping Committee which consists of representatives of HFL and the Disciplinary, Security and Veterinary Departments of the Jockey Club.

 Testing in training is conducted under Rules 236, 237 and 238. The possible penalties arising out of a test in training are set out in Rules 239 and 240.

 As a matter of policy, the Jockey Club does not reveal which horses have been tested in training, nor does HFL give details of the analytical tests carried out.

26th February 2002