20 Dec 2005 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockey Club Regulatory Board Publish Phase One Report

Published: 20 December 2005

The Jockey Club Regulatory Board has completed the first phase of an Inquiry into ‘Inside Information’ in horseracing and has published the full results (available at The report details 13 recommendations that will now be reviewed and considered by a Working Group.

The Inquiry Panel, led by Jockey Club Regulatory Board chairman John Bridgeman, took written and oral evidence from a wide range of stakeholders and interested persons within horseracing and other sports, including International Racing Authorities, the betting industry and the general public.

John Bridgeman said, “The Panel considered in detail when the use of Inside Information might be considered acceptable or unacceptable and concluded that the overriding guiding principle between acceptable use and misuse of Inside Information is that, for it to be a misuse, there must be an intention for some person to obtain a corrupt gain, whether or not that is actually achieved.

“We were clear that improvements could be made to raise awareness of the issues surrounding Inside Information for all involved in the sport of horseracing, the betting industry, the racing media and the general public.

“The report, however, is not a ‘closed document’ and the Jockey Club remains open to any other suggestions of changes to the regulatory environment in this area.”

The Working Group, which forms phase two of the inquiry, will be chaired by Paul Scotney, Jockey Club Director of Security. The aim of the Working Group will be to examine the recommendations referred to it by the Panel of Inquiry and pass final suggestions for the Regulatory Board to consider implementing. This Group will include representatives from:

• Racehorse Owners Association (ROA)
• National Trainers Federation (NTF)
• Jockeys Association of Great Britain (JAGB)
• Association of British Bookmakers (ABB)
• Betting Exchanges
• Horserace Writers Association
• Departure of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

Paul Scotney said, “The Working Group will take the recommendations of the Panel of Inquiry and suggest what it sees as the appropriate course of action. We envisage, at this stage, that there will be a need to extend existing regulation and will aim to present these recommendations to the Regulatory Board in the spring of 2006.

“If anyone has any comments or suggestions on the report then we would welcome their feedback, either in writing or via email at [email protected].”

20th December 2005

Notes for Editors:

The Panel was Chaired by John Bridgeman, Chairman of the newly announced Horseracing Regulatory Authority (HRA). The members were: Toby Balding (former trainer, President of the National Trainers Federation and member of the Racehorse Owners Association Council); Rodney Brack (former Chief Executive of the Levy Board); Richard Dunwoody, MBE (former Champion Jump Jockey and past Chairman of the Jockeys’ Association of Great Britain); Jeremy Gompertz, QC (owner and breeder); Ben Gunn, CBE QPM (a former Chief Constable, member of the Regulatory Board and of the Gambling Commission); Jim McGrath (Director of Timeform, Channel 4 Racing and a Director of the British Horseracing Board); John Reid (former leading Jockey and past Chairman of the Jockeys’ Association of Great Britain); and Paul Scotney (Director of Security) – The Jockey Club.


Recommendation 1: To consider the two proposed versions of the definition of “Inside Information”, taking into account the views expressed in Section 2 on the various elements of those definitions. (Paragraphs 35 and 70).

Recommendation 2: To consider changes to the ante-post betting rules (Paragraphs 50 to 52).

Recommendation 3: To consider the issues surrounding “Inside Information” in respect of gaining an unfair advantage (Paragraphs 102 to 110).

Recommendation 4: To consider the issues surrounding the use and misuse of “Inside Information” (Paragraphs 111 to 116).
Recommendation 5: To consider whether jockeys agents should be included in Rule 247 (Paragraph 124).
Recommendation 6: To consider a change to Rule 243 in respect of the need for an element of reward to be present (Paragraph 136).

Recommendation 7: To consider the feasibility of creating a Rule to cover non-licensed persons involved in the misuse of “Inside Information” (Paragraph 150).

Recommendation 8: To consider what further information may be put into the public domain and how it might be disseminated (Paragraphs 151 to 160).

Recommendation 9: To consider the merits of introducing a Code of Conduct on “Inside Information” for licensed persons (Paragraphs 161 to 167).

Recommendation 10: To consider the merits of introducing a Code of Conduct for the betting industry and media racing representatives (Paragraph 168).

Recommendation 11: To consider what improvements can be made to enhance education and awareness on “Inside Information” for jockeys and stable staff (Paragraphs 169 to 170).

Recommendation 12: To seek the views of the betting industry on the possibility of voiding specific bets in certain circumstances (Paragraphs 171 to 173).

Recommendation 13: To explore further opportunities, with the co-operation of the wider racing industry, to restrict the activities of those who seek to corrupt horseracing (Paragraphs 174 to 176).

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