09 Jun 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockey Club Remove Restrictions On Graham Bradley

Published: 9 June 1999

The Jockey Club has removed with immediate effect the restrictions imposed upon Graham Bradley following the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to withdraw the charge against him. He is also being notified that he may now re-apply to the Jockey Club for a rider’s licence.

In April the Stewards of the Jockey Club suspended Graham Bradley’s licence with income support and placed constraints on his access to restricted areas on racecourses due to the nature and gravity of the charge brought by the Metropolitan Police.

Christopher Spence, Senior Steward of the Jockey Club said: “When the Stewards suspended Graham Bradley’s licence it was stressed that no judgement was being made. At the time they were aware that the charge against him would be subject to review or to a committal hearing before the bulk of the new jumping season got underway and it was made clear that the suspension and restrictions imposed would cease if the charge was withdrawn.

“At all times throughout these investigations the Jockey Club has sought to uphold public confidence in racing and protect the integrity of the sport. Our Security Department will continue to be extremely vigilant, investigating any situation which might give the betting public cause for concern. I am sure a number of people in racing realise that there are a few individuals on the fringes of the sport who may seek to corrupt horseracing. Hopefully the events of the last eighteen months will help act as a deterrent against them succeeding.”

Notes for Editors:

1. On Thursday 10th June the five men charged on March 10th by the Metropolitan Police with Conspiracy to Defraud, Contrary to Common Law are due to appear in court. The charges are that between 1st March 1997 and 1st April 1997 they conspired together and with others to defraud such bookmakers and persons as might be caused loss by the interference with the fair running of horses in horse races by the administration of a performance inhibiting drug.