02 Sep 2004 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockey Club Write to Arrested Licence Holders

Published: 2 September 2004

A special meeting of the Jockey Club’s Regulatory Board, chaired by the Senior Steward, Julian Richmond-Watson, was held today to receive briefings and to consider any necessary action, following the arrests yesterday of sixteen individuals, including four licence holders.

As a result, the Licensing Committee has written to the three jockeys and one trainer. The correspondence confirms to the four individuals that the Licensing Committee has concluded that based on the circumstances the mere fact of their arrest does not justify suspension of their licence. However, the letter makes the point that the Licensing Committee reserves the right to review their licence depending on any developments relating to their arrest and the police investigation.

September 2nd 2004

Notes for Editors:

1. The Licensing Committee is empowered under the Rules of Racing to withdraw or suspend licences for good cause quite irrespective of the disciplinary powers in that regard for breaches of the Rules of Racing. The Licensing Committee is prepared to exercise its powers of withdrawal and suspension if it considers this is necessary to avoid an erosion of public confidence in the integrity of horseracing or to ensure public order at race meetings or other good cause. The Licensing Committee would take into account the effect which the exercise of such powers would have upon any licensed individual.