03 Jul 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

John Egan Allowed to Continue Riding

Published: 3 July 2002

At a hearing this morning, the Licensing Committee of the Jockey Club decided not to exercise its powers under Rule 2 (iv) of the Rules of Racing and has not withdrawn or suspended John Egan’s riding licence.

The Committee took very seriously the fact that John Egan is understood to be facing a charge in Hong Kong. However, the facts alleged in support of the charge were not sufficiently clear for the Committee to determine the gravity of the alleged conduct relating to the charge. The Committee therefore intends to make further inquiries and reconvene at the appropriate time.

In the meantime, John Egan is able to continue as a licensed jockey.

3rd July 2002

Notes for Editors:

1. Rule 2 (iv) states:- The Stewards of the Jockey Club have power if good cause is shown or when any person has committed a breach of the Rules of Racing to withdraw or suspend a licence or permit.

2. On Tuesday, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong issued a warrant for the arrest of John Egan. It is understood that he is due to face a charge for allegedly accepting a bribe to provide horseracing tips.

3. In February, John Egan was arrested as part of an investigation into alleged corruption in horseracing in Hong Kong. Following his arrest, he was given permission to leave the country and he applied for a licence to ride in Britain. The Jockey Club in Britain, after consultation with the racing authorities in Hong Kong, issued a licence to John Egan on the basis that the position would be subject to review in the light of any developments with the ongoing investigation.

4. The matter of whether or not John Egan should return to Hong Kong is beyond the jurisdiction and remit of the Jockey Club.