10 Jun 2010 Pre-2014 Releases

British Racing is pleased to announce that Katie Price is the latest sponsor to support the Racing Excellence initiative, providing KP Equestrian clothing to the leading lady riders in all three spheres.

Points will be tallied across the seven race series to crown the overall leading female jockey of the Flat, All-Weather and Jumps disciplines.

Katie, a keen dressage rider, said: “It is great to see opportunities and training available to young people in equestrian sport.  Racing Excellence is an exciting initiative for up and coming jockeys and I am delighted to support the series by providing KP Equestrian clothing to the three leading lady riders.”

Sam Martin, Racing Excellence Project Manager, British Horseracing Authority, added: “I am delighted Katie is supporting the Racing Excellence initiative.

“As a competitive rider, Katie understands the importance of training and guidance at grass roots. In other equestrian disciplines, female riders get a wealth of opportunities, and we want to encourage the same in the racing industry.   It is great that KP Equestrian are supporting and rewarding young female jockeys.”

            Latest Standings:

Hands and Heels Apprentice Series (after three races):

1.    Matthew Cosham 27 points

3.    Natasha Eaton      19 points

Natasha won the the first race under the new Racing Excellence at Newmarket on Imprimis Tagula.

Hands and Heels Jumps Series (after one race):

1.    John Brooke 13 points

Bridget Andrews is currently leading the lady riders with 7 points

Betfair Apprentice Training Race Series (after two races):

1.    Rosie Jessop        16 points

2.    Matthew Cosham 9 points

Salisbury Axminster Series (after one race)

1.    Matthew Cosham 10 points

3.    Holly Hall                4 points

Haydock Training Race Series (after one race):

1.    Sophie Silvester           13 points

For full Series Standings please click here.

For further information, please contact Samantha Martin, British Horseracing Authority Training, Welfare and Community Associate, on 020 7152 0019 or [email protected]