15 Jun 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

Media Rights: Comment From the Senior Steward

Published: 15 June 2001

Christopher Spence, Senior Steward of the Jockey Club, said today:

“In light of media comment this morning I should like to make clear the Jockey Club`s position. Acting in the best interests of all racing is central to our philosophy and drives all of our thinking and our action.

“At yesterday’s BHB AGM, Peter Savill said in his presentation “the offer to Go Racing remains open, but the ball is firmly in their court.” I understand that there is movement from Go Racing on the outstanding issues, so it is important the BHB Board should have the opportunity to examine the final position and to consider the options, as, whatever the outcome, it will have a major impact on the future of British racing. Should the Board decide, in the light of all the facts, not to grant a licence to Go Racing for its pre-race data, then everyone involved should respect that decision and work together to try and achieve a better arrangement for racing.

“The whole negotiating process has been far from ideal, but I should like to emphasise the Jockey Club has always promoted the direct involvement of the BHB in negotiations because of the significance of pre-race data.”