21 Aug 2003 Pre-2014 Releases

Mobile Phone Restrictions to Commence With Interim Concessions

Published: 21 August 2003


The Jockey Club confirmed today that restrictions on the use of mobile phones by jockeys will commence from 1st September, as previously announced. However, in order to enable further discussion and consultation with jockeys regarding the long term application of the proposal some interim amendments have been made to the intended system.

From 1st September the restrictions will operate as already outlined by the Jockey Club in their correspondence to all riders, with the following exceptions:

• Calls made on Jockey Club supplied phones will not be recorded

• Jockeys, with the permission of WRSO’s, may check their own phones for messages during racing in a designated area and,

• Jockeys may make outgoing calls on their own phones in the designated area should a Jockey Club supplied phone not be available.

Earlier this week representatives from the Jockey Club met with Martin Cruddace of Schillings, who is representing a number of jockeys who are concerned about the proposed restrictions. Following the meeting, the Jockey Club received a request to postpone the implementation of the measures.

Explaining the decision to go ahead but with interim concessions and amendments, Julian Richmond-Watson, Senior Steward of the Jockey Club, said:

“The introduction of restrictions on the use of jockeys’ mobile phones was recommended by our Integrity Review Committee and has been endorsed by the independently chaired Security Review Group. The restrictions have been carefully developed over many months, in consultation with all the relevant parties, and we do not believe that the introduction of the measures should be subject to a further delay.

“However, we recognise that many of the jockeys still have genuine concerns about the restrictions. Therefore we have made these interim amendments to the proposal to enable further discussion and consultation which will take account of how the system has operated in practice and assist in reaching an agreement on the application of the restrictions in the long term. We look forward to considering suggestions from jockeys which could effectively allay the concerns of both parties.

The Senior Steward continued: “The Jockey Club has no wish to unnecessarily inconvenience the jockeys but we consider the introduction of an effective restriction on the use of jockeys’ phones to be both necessary and proportionate. It is our hope that the jockeys’ concerns can be resolved through open and constructive dialogue and without the need to dispute the matter in court, however, we have taken legal advice and retain confidence in our position.”

21st August 2003

Notes for Editors:

1. The Jockey Club has today written to Martin Cruddace and Michael Caulfield of the Jockeys’ Association to inform them of the above decision.

2. Full details of the restrictions and the system of availability of phones for jockeys’ use (without the above concessions) are available on the Jockey Club website ( in the 2003 Press Releases.

3. WRSO’s are the Jockey Club-employed Weighing Room Security Officers.