02 Sep 1998 Pre-2014 Releases

“Committee Chairmanship
At its meeting today, the BHB Industry Committee appointed Rhydian Morgan-Jones as its Chairman for a term of four years, with immediate effect.
Jockeys’ Sponsorship
The Committee also endorsed the terms for the implementation of the Jockeysí Sponsorship Scheme, including the right of the owners to decide whether a jockey may wear sponsorship during the period between weigh-out and weigh-in, and the procedure relating thereto. Subject to ratification by the main Board at its meeting on 8 September, the way is now clear for the successful introduction of jockeys’ sponsorship in January 1999, with the co-operation of the whole Industry.

The Committee also registered its concern regarding the current proliferation of ragwort, due partly to the warm, wet weather earlier this year. Although there have apparently been no reports of any horses being affected so far, there is a chance that some of the weed will have been harvested with hay to be used over this coming winter. The Committee urged the BHB to support the British Horse Societyís campaign aimed at drawing public attention to the dangers of ragwort and to approach the appropriate Government Departments with a view to encouraging local authorities to tackle the problem.