Negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) to be required for Weighing Room entry

30 Dec 2021 BHA Features

From Wednesday 5 January 2022, everyone entering the Weighing Room complex on a raceday will be required to present on arrival evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT).

This additional safeguard builds on the requirements introduced on 15 December, with all Weighing Room attendees still encouraged to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

The Industry COVID-19 Group decision to further enhance measures through testing is in response to the continued rise in COVID-19 cases across both racing and wider society, including in fully vaccinated individuals; and the requirement for seven-day close contact self-isolation.

Regular lateral flow testing for racing’s business-critical workforce will help protect the health and availability of everyone in the Weighing Room – reducing the possibility of race fixtures being cancelled due to COVID-related staffing shortages.

The LFT should be completed on each day of racing before travelling, with Weighing Room attendees required to demonstrate the negative LFT either via the NHS App, or an NHS text message or email address confirming the result. A photograph of a test will not be accepted, nor will the actual test kit.

Any person who does not have a valid negative LFT result will be refused entry to the Weighing Room. LFT kits will not routinely be available on-site, so those planning to enter the Weighing Room are advised to complete the test before departing for the racecourse.

Explaining the introduction of mandatory LFTs, BHA Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Jerry Hill, said:

“Racing’s COVID-19 mitigation strategy continues to focus on protecting our business-critical raceday personnel, whose absence due to illness or isolation may result in us struggling to staff fixtures.

“The introduction of mandatory pre-raceday lateral flow testing for Weighing Room workers is therefore another important step to help safeguard our people and the racing product.

“Vaccination remains an essential part of the fight against COVID-19, reducing the likelihood of serious illness; and combined with regular testing, we are taking the necessary precautions to minimise our chances of catching and spreading the disease in this core work environment”.

Actions to take

Everyone planning to enter the Weighing Room complex from 5 January should:

  1. Order some LFTs here;
  2. Download the NHS App here;
  3. Complete the LFT before you leave to go racing;
  4. Upload your LFT result here;
  5. On arrival show any of the following as evidence of a negative test: Text reporting a negative test; Email reporting a negative test; NHS App COVID Pass Data;
  6. If you test positive you should isolate and book a PCR test here.

Up until Tuesday 4 January you will be asked by Weighing Room door staff to show evidence of your negative test, but access will be permitted if you are fully vaccinated. From 5 January you must have proof of a negative test from that day (regardless of your vaccination status) if you wish to enter the Weighing Room.

Vaccination remains an essential part of the protection against COVID-19 and you can book an appointment here.

If you cannot obtain LFTs online, from a pharmacy or family, please let the relevant body know:

Anyone deliberately providing false information to gain access to the Weighing Room – e.g., declaring a negative result which is not correct – will be subject to disciplinary action.

Please remember, mask wearing remains mandatory in the Weighing Room.