New Careersinracing videos give viewers the #HorseHowTo

02 Dec 2016 Education/Training

  • Six videos give a taste of the working life of a Racing Groom and provide tips on horse care
  • As well as being instructional, the videos aim to encourage young people to find out more about a career in racing
  • The videos also highlight the dedication with which stable staff treat the horses in their care

horsehowto-bannerThe British Horseracing Authority (BHA)’s Careersinracing team have released a series of videos which provide horsecare masterclasses and showcase the expertise of Racing Grooms.

The videos, named “#HorseHowTo”, provide an insight into the daily life of a Racing Groom, explain some of the techniques involved in horsecare and are designed to intrigue and inspire people to become involved in working with horses in the horseracing industry.

The videos were filmed at Ben Pauling’s training yard in Gloucestershire and feature two of his staff members, Travelling Head Groom Eloise Quayle and Racing Groom, Nick Whiteman.

Zoe Elliott, Careers Marketing and Recruitment Manager for the BHA, said:

“The videos are designed to give viewers a real behind the scenes insight into some of the responsibilities carried out by racing grooms on a daily basis, and in particular to showcase this to those of school age thinking about their future careers or currently enjoying horses and ponies as a hobby.

“By demonstrating the varied tasks that are carried out we hope to inspire people from a variety of backgrounds that they too could work in the country’s second-biggest sport. The free Apprenticeship training available for 16-19 years old’s who wish to work with horses in the racing industry, is second to none and we would love to hear from anyone who is interested in a future in horseracing.”

The videos are all available to view on the Careersinracing You Tube channel: and have also been released on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More videos in the series will be filmed in 2017.

The videos are just one part of a comprehensive careers marketing plan carried out under the careersinracing brand that includes a digital marketing campaign; attendance at a wide range of skills and recruitment shows; partnerships with school careers portals and careers advisors; sponsorship at grassroots of Pony Racing, The Pony Club, British Grooms Association and links to Racing to School’s Education, Work and Rider Programmes. These marketing activities form part of a number of key strategies put in place by the BHA and the wider sport to recruit, train and retain more staff in the industry.

In total six videos have been released:

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