18 Apr 2005 Pre-2014 Releases

Owner Charged With Laying Own Horse

Published: 18 April 2005

Racehorse owner Andy Beard has been notified by the Jockey Club that he will be required to attend a Disciplinary Panel enquiry in relation to possible breaches of Rule 247, the rule which stipulates that it is an offence for an owner to lay their own horses to lose.

Beard is facing a charge that he committed breaches of Rule 247(iii) of the Rules of Racing by using Betfair to lay horses owned by himself. The horses and races in question are Moscow Mary at Wolverhampton on 26th December 2003 and Middleton Grey at Southwell on 27th December 2003.

The enquiry follows an investigation by the Security Department initiated as a result of the Memorandum of Understanding the Jockey Club has in place with Betfair, and other betting exchange firms. A provisional date of Thursday 12th May 2005 has been set for the hearing.

18th April 2005

Notes for Editors:

1. Rule 247 (iii), which was introduced on 1st September 2003, states that: “it shall be a breach of the Rules of Racing for an Owner to lay any horse he owns to lose a race with a Betting Organisation or to instruct any person on his behalf to do so or to receive the whole or any part of the proceeds of such an act”.

2. The 2005 edition of the Jockey Club’s Guide to Procedures and Penalties lists the recommended penalty range for a breach of Rule 247 (iii) as ‘Disqualify (3 months to 10 years)’.

3. The two previous Disciplinary hearings in connection to breaches of this rule resulted in penalties of disqualification from racing for two years (Miles Rodgers) and six months (Darren Mercer).

4. Moscow Mary finished 8th of 9 at Wolverhampton on 26th December 2003. Middleton Grey finished 4th of 11, beaten 4 ½ lengths, at Southwell on 27th December 2003.

5. Andy Beard does not currently have any horses registered as being ‘in training’. Both Moscow Mary and Middleton Grey have since changed ownership.