11 Oct 2005 Pre-2014 Releases

Owner Charged With Misleading a Jockey Club Official

Published: 11 October 2005

Racehorse owner Dean Shakespeare has been notified by the Jockey Club that he will be required to attend a Disciplinary Panel enquiry in relation to possible breaches of Rule 220(viii), in that he endeavored, by an overt act, to mislead an official of the Jockey Club, in that Shakespeare deliberately tampered with and altered information on his itemised billing account for his mobile telephone prior to disclosing this information pursuant to a Production Order.

The enquiry follows an investigation by the Security Department initiated after WILD POWER (GER), owned by Shakespeare’s company, Direct Sales UK Ltd, finished second in the Levy Board Conditional Jockey’s Handicap Hurdle. A provisional date of Thursday 24th November has been set for the hearing.

11th October 2005

Notes for Editors:

1. Rule 220 (viii), states that: “It shall be an offence deliberately to mislead or by an overt act endeavour to mislead the Stewards, the Stewards of the Jockey Club or an Official of the Jockey Club…either at an enquiry or in connection with the administration ”.

2. The 2005 edition of the Jockey Club’s Guide to Procedures and Penalties lists the recommended penalty range for a breach of Rule 220 (viii) as ‘3 months to 6 months suspension”.

3. Direct Sales UK Ltd currently has four horses in training – Cartier First, Idole First and Wiscalitus, trained by Venetia Williams and Negus de Beaumont trained by Frank Jordan.

4. Following the race at Taunton Willie Worthington was found to be in breach of Rule 158 (Failure to Take All reasonable and permissible measures) and was suspended for 14 days.