Racehorse owners to help in shaping industry strategy through national survey

12 Apr 2016


12 April 2016 – Today the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) and British Horseracing Authority (BHA) are pleased to announce the launch of the National Racehorse Owners Survey, the largest of its kind ever undertaken in Britain.


The Survey will aid in developing strategies for the industry’s long-term growth and the research is designed to help improve the ownership experience and enable plans to be devised to better recruit and retain racehorse owners.


As outlined during the British Racing Industry Updates in March, the project is part of the Horse Population Ownership & Breeding (HPOB) Pillar, one of the integral strands in the racing industry’s ‘Strategy for Growth’. The results will play a vital role in helping the sport better achieve its aim of attracting new owners and growing the number of horses in training by 1,000 between 2015 and 2020.


The survey will offer an insight into racehorse ownership and specifically what motivates people to become owners, their ownership experience and why they might opt to leave the sport. For the first time, the project will not only canvass the views of new, experienced and lapsed owners, but also everyone from sole owners to members of syndicates.


The short survey, which lasts approximately ten minutes, will be available for owners to complete until the end of April and can be accessed via this link:


The survey can be filled out either online or be printed and posted to the ROA’s office in London.


The National Racehorse Owners Survey is being conducted in collaboration with sports data insight specialists Two Circles, and the project has received funding from The British Horseracing Grant Scheme, administered by the BHA on behalf of the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.


Charlie Liverton, the Chief Executive of the ROA, said: “As the sport’s largest financial contributors, the opinions of owners are critical to the success of the industry’s ‘Strategy for Growth’. By canvassing the views of current and past, sole and joint owners, as well as syndicate members, we will gain important knowledge of where resource should be directed.”


Richard Wayman, Chief Operations Officer of the BHA, said: ‘For the industry to achieve its plans for growth, it is essential that we improve the recruitment and retention of racehorse owners. This requires greater engagement with owners and a clear picture of the ownership experience at all levels from a sole owner to a syndicate member. The survey will provide insight from new and existing owners, as well as others that have left the sport and its results will play a crucial role in shaping the future strategy for growing ownership.’


For further information, please contact:
Harry Williams, Industry Executive for the Racehorse Owners Association, on 020 7152 0200 or email [email protected].