11 Apr 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

Racing at Additional Courses Agreed

Published: 11 April 2001

The BHB Board today discussed the option of increasing the number of racecourses involved in presenting a controlled programme of racing during the current Foot and Mouth outbreak.

BHB agreed to establish criteria on which a decision will be made as to which additional racecourses could be allowed to race. These will be based on the local environment, history of the disease in that area and the layout of the course. Before any such racecourse is sanctioned to race, BHB will seek ratification from MAFF officials.

In discussing the issue, the Board was influenced by the success of the current Instructions and Guidelines for Racing, which now form the basis of the guidelines used by Irish Racing and several other sporting and leisure organisations, and the fact that this coincides with the Government’s opening up of the countryside.

The Board will be working to a timetable that introduces additional courses from around the end of this month. The intervening time will be used to make the necessary preparation, in full consultation with MAFF officials.

Additional media announcements will be made as soon as further information is available.

For further information please contact Marketing and Communications Director Teresa Cash or Communications Manager Alan Delmonte on 020 7343 3310/3318