13 Nov 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

The BHB Board, with the exception of Peter Savill and Keith Brown, met prior to yesterda?_x0019_s Board Meeting to discuss the BHB Chairma?_x0019_s comments at a Press Conference on 11th October and Keith Brow?_x0019_s response two days later.

Martin Broughton, the independent BHB Director, said: “The Board acknowledged that the Chairman explained clearly at the last Board Meeting that he intended to discuss the issues raised by the Panorama programme with the Senior Steward of the Jockey Club before making any statement and that he would make it clear that the views expressed were his own personal views. The Board had expressed its own views in a separate statement. The Board also acknowledged that the Senior Steward was aware in advance of the Chairman’s statement made at the Press Conference and that he had confirmed to the Chairman that he supported the proposal for a joint review of the security function.

“The Board felt that it was ill-advised and inappropriate for Keith Brown to make a public statement of the kind he made and urged that in future comments of this nature be kept to the Boardroom and not aired in public.

“The Board now considers the matter closed.”