12 Dec 2000 Pre-2014 Releases

the Jockey Club Announces Changes to Its Corporate Structure

Published: 12 December 2000

The Jockey Club announced today that the Privy Council has approved changes to the Royal Charter enabling the Jockey Club to revise its corporate structure to reflect the Club’s modern day roles and responsibilities. From January 1st 2001 all the Club’s activities are to be represented on the main board while the Regulatory responsibility will be carried out separately by designated Regulatory Stewards. The proposals were approved by the Members of the Club in June and then submitted to the Privy Council.

Christopher Spence, Senior Steward of the Jockey Club, said today: “Put simply, these changes modernise the Jockey Club’s structure. When the Royal Charter was established over thirty years ago, the Jockey Club was the single authority for British racing. However, since then a great deal has changed. The creation of BHB as the governing authority has resulted in fundamental changes to the administration of racing and the importance of RHT and Jockey Club Estates has grown considerably. Currently, the Jockey Club has four key roles, namely regulating racing, supporting the work of BHB, owning and running racecourses and operating training facilities. The revised structure recognises these roles and reflects our position in British racing today.”

From January the Stewards of the Jockey Club (the main board) will be comprised of the Senior Steward and Deputy Senior Steward, the Regulatory Stewards, the Chairmen of Racecourse Holdings Trust and Jockey Club Estates and the Jockey Club nominated Directors on BHB.

In addition, the Jockey Club’s role as regulator of racing becomes the responsibility of the Regulatory Stewards. Operating independently of the Stewards of the Jockey Club, the Regulatory Stewards will oversee regulatory matters and appoint the members of the Disciplinary and Licencing Committees.

Christopher Spence concluded: “The revisions have many positive effects. The changes establish clear distinctions between the Club’s roles of Regulation and ownership. Furthermore, the individuals holding the Club’s key appointments will all be represented amongst the Stewards of the Jockey Club, providing on the main board a forum for more effective discussion of overall strategy, while the vital Regulatory role will be ring-fenced from the Club’s other activities.”

Notes for Editors:

The Stewards of the Jockey Club from January 1st 2001 will be as follows:

Christopher Spence – Senior Steward*
David Oldrey – Deputy Senior Steward
Christopher Hodgson – Regulatory Steward
Lord McGowan (Duncan) – Regulatory Steward
Mark Davies – Regulatory Steward
Major Michael Wyatt – Regulatory Steward
Gurney Sheppard – Regulatory Steward
Julian Richmond Watson – Jockey Club nominated Director on BHB
The Hon Sir David Sieff – Jockey Club nominated Director on BHB
Christopher Sporborg – Chairman of Racecourse Holdings Trust
George Paul – Chairman of Jockey Club Estates

* As Senior Steward, Christopher Spence is also a Regulatory Steward. In addition, he is currently one of the three Jockey Club nominated Directors on BHB.