16 May 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

Around 60% of licensed trainers were represented at the BHB’s recent series of seminars on health and safety practice in the Racing Industry.
BHB Director, Lady Burnham, who headed the presentation team, said:
“”This was an excellent turn out, which shows how seriously the Industry takes this very important subject. This point was well appreciated by the representatives from the Health and Safety Executive, who attended each session, and by Denise Bagge, from the Cabinet Office Better Regulation Unit, who was present at one of the Lambourn days. All of them said how impressed they were by the response to this important initiative and I am certain that results of the HSE’s current fact-finding project will reflect this. The HSE’s input to the series was most helpful and the Industry is sure to benefit from this close co-operation. If just one serious accident is averted as a consequence of these seminars, then the value of the exercise will have been proved.
“”I am most grateful to the entire presentation panel: John Davis, Robin Gow, Grant Harris and Harriet Smulders from the NTF, M Cunningham from Heath Risk Services and Rachel Flynn from Taylor Vinters; and to our supporters, BASIC, Heath Group and Weatherbys Insurance Services. I also want to thank those trainers who kindly allowed us to use their yards for the practical demonstrations: Peter Walwyn, Simon Dow, Rod Millman, James Given, James Bethell, Len Lungo and James Hetherton; and to those who came forward with helpful and constructive ideas for improving the presentations. This was a new venture for us and we were grateful for all contributions.””
Anyone who missed the seminars can still obtain one of the manuals at a cost of £50 for NTF members and £75 for non-members. Please call the NTF or Hannah Fogg at the BHB.
A short series of three Health and Safety seminars tailored towards stud work has been arranged as follows:

22nd June Thirsk, Yorkshire
13th July British Racing School, Newmarket
22nd July Hartpury, Gloucestershire

TBA members have already been alerted and anyone interested should contact Caroline Turnbull at the TBA offices.