Trainers’ non-runners tables published

02 Oct 2017 BHA Features Racing/Fixtures

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today published the first tables of trainers’ non-runner rates as part of a series of measures with the objective of decreasing non-runner rates in British racing, following an extensive review.

The following recommendations were among the core proposals of the review:

  • The BHA will publish tables showing individual trainer non-runner rates from the previous 12 months at the end of each quarter.
  • Any trainer with more than 100 declarations in the period with a non-runner rate above a published threshold percentage (namely 50% above the average non-runner rate) will be suspended from using self-certificates for 12 months.
  • Any trainer above the threshold but not included within the published data (due to having fewer than 100 declarations during the previous 12 months) would have their situation reviewed. Any such trainer may be suspended from using self-certificates if it was considered appropriate by the BHA.

The tables, which show individual trainers’ non-runner rates over the last 12 months, can be found here or downloaded as pdfs from these links:

Based on the non-runner rate in 2016, the threshold percentage would be 14% on the Flat and 12% over Jumps. The imposing of automatic suspensions for trainers operating above the agreed thresholds will not begin to apply until the end of March 2018.