Zilpaterol latest: initial sample results and latest guidance

08 Oct 2020 BHA Features Integrity

Please see below the latest update regarding the Zilpaterol feed contamination. Zilpaterol is a Category A Prohibited Substance under the BHA Rules of Racing.

Initial sample results

Further to the previous update, we can confirm that results from the first Elective Testing samples indicate that Zilpaterol is not present in the horses that had GAIN feed withdrawn for four clear days.

Please note, however, that investigative work remains ongoing and this should NOT as yet be considered a confirmed withdrawal period for Zilpaterol.

We are awaiting further results from Elective Testing samples submitted throughout this week and will provide another update as soon as these have been received and assessed.

The BHA also continues to work with colleagues from several other European racing jurisdictions, including the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board, to compile Elective Testing results and obtain additional information on the excretion of Zilpaterol from horses which have been fed contaminated feed. Again, we will issue further updates and guidance at the earliest opportunity.

Summary of advice for trainers

In the meantime, we advise that trainers continue to follow the guidance issued earlier this week, which can be read in full here and is updated below:

Stop feeding GAIN Equine Nutrition

  • Trainers and other industry participants are advised to cease using all GAIN Equine Nutrition products until further investigations have been completed.
  • For trainers that have been feeding GAIN, please ensure that all feed equipment (bowls, scoops, bins etc.) is thoroughly cleaned with detergent and plenty of water.

Elective Testing

  • If you have used GAIN Equine Nutrition feed and hold entries, please continue to submit samples for Elective Testing. More information about the process, including a step-by-step guide, is available here.
  • Samples will continue to be processed and prioritised in order of race entry. Analysis may take up to 3 working days, but every effort is being made to return results in time for any races in which the horses are entered.
  • Samples submitted as part of the Elective Testing process will not be used by the BHA for regulatory purposes. Any horse that returns a positive result for Zilpaterol following an approved Elective Test ONLY will notbe subject to any further sanction under the BHA Rules of Racing, or to a stand-down period.

Entries for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • Trainers with entries for Friday 9 October, Saturday 10 October and Sunday 11 October are advised to consider these carefully if horses have been fed GAIN Equine Nutrition products.
  • If in doubt, trainers can contact the BHA Equine Health and Welfare team for advice on 0207 152 0090 or via [email protected]
  • Please record the batch number of the product used, date and location of purchase, and retain a small sample portion of the product should it be required for future reference or analysis.

More information

For more information, please contact: [email protected]