Vaccination App reminder | Verification by veterinary surgeon

14 Jun 22

The BHA has been made aware of several instances of horses being non-qualified (NQ) to race as a result of vaccination records pending verification by a veterinary surgeon.

We would like to remind trainers that your veterinary surgeon is required to verify the administration of each influenza vaccine via the Weatherbys Vaccination App. Failure to do this will result in the horse being ineligible to race.

To help avoid this scenario, we would recommend that the verification process is completed promptly once the vaccination records have been uploaded to App.

We will also be sending this notification to veterinary surgeons, reminding them of the requirement for veterinary approval.

Please note that as of 27 May 2022, Weatherbys no longer contacts trainers and vets with reminders about outstanding vaccination approvals. You can read below the full update from Weatherbys, which was posted on Racing Admin on 17 May 2022:

Vaccination Reminder from Weatherbys

We would ask you to please ensure that you have submitted a valid historical vaccination record and supporting passport pictures for approval for all horses well in advance of making an entry.

Failure to submit vaccinations records will result in the horse not being able to race.

With effect from 27th May 2022, the current reminder and follow up with trainers after an entry is made to advise of outstanding vaccination approval will stop and your entry will be removed.

Additionally from the same date it will be necessary to ensure vaccination records are uploaded and up to date on the app when the horse is being returned in training.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Weatherbys Customer Service team on 01933 304808 (extension 4), should you have any questions relating to this.