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Racing Colours Overview
Register your colours
The below tool allows you to choose, check for availability and register the racing colours your jockey will carry on your racehorse.

Under BHA regulations there are only 18 set colours to choose from, but you can have any of these colours in any of the body, sleeve and cap designs listed below.

Colours Auction
The next auction of colours is taking place at Sotheby's, London on 5th November 2013.

Please choose a colour design and check whether the colours are available.




Please choose a colour combination,
then click the 'Check Availability' button

If you wish to purchase colours without registering them, below is a list of suppliers.
• Allertons
• Gibson Saddlers Ltd
• Treehouse Sporting Colours
• T.Frost (Bawtry)
• White Rose Saddlery

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