24 May 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

Sir Eric Parker and Jim Furlong have been re-appointed by the Racehorse Owners Association as Directors of the British Horseracing Board for a further two years and four years, until 30th June 2003 and 6th June 2005, respectively.

The BHB Board has re-nominated Sir Eric to the Horserace Betting Levy Board for a further two years, until 30th June 2003.

Rhydian Morgan-Jones has been re-appointed for a further year as Chairman of the BHB Finance Committee, until 6th June 2002.

Mr Morgan-Jones has also been re-appointed for a further three years, until 31st March 2004, as Chairman of the British Horseracing Training Board.


1. Under the BHB constitution, Directors may serve no more than two consecutive terms, each of up to four years.

2. Sir Eric Parker has been formally re-appointed to the Levy Board by the Jockey Club, who have the statutory responsibility for appointing three members of the Levy Board. The other BHB nominees on the Levy Board are RCA Chairman Keith Brown and BHB Secretary-General Tristram Ricketts.

For further information, contact Tristram Ricketts, BHB Secretary-General, on 020 7343 3312 or Alan Delmonte, BHB Communications Manager, on 020 7343 3318