David Jones appointed to BHA Board as Regulatory Independent Non-Executive Director

23 Nov 2020 BHA Features Welfare

The former racecourse Stewards’ Panel Chair and experienced racing industry figure David Jones has been appointed to the Board of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) in the role of Regulatory Independent Non-Executive Director.

David has an in-depth knowledge of the racing industry and its racing regulation from his 10 years as a Steward and three years as a member of the Racecourse Committee at Kempton Park, as well as through previous racehorse ownerships.

David has also carried out important project work on behalf of the sport in recent years, covering topics such as the sport’s resumption and recovery from coronavirus, and the development of a new stewarding model.

David is also a member of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)’s New Competition Board and has worked extensively with the Head of The Hundred – Women’s Competition. Much of his Executive career was spent in senior roles at Waitrose and John Lewis, where he became an Elected Director of the Board and President of the John Lewis Partnership Council, as well as the Board Ally of the LGBT+ Group.

David’s tenure on the BHA Board begins from 1 January. He takes over from Andrew Merriam who has served three terms on the BHA Board since 2012 and who has been involved in a number of major regulatory projects during this time.

Annamarie Phelps, Chair of the BHA, said:

“We are delighted to welcome David to the BHA Board. He brings with him substantial insight and enthusiasm for the racing industry, which has been exhibited through his invaluable contribution to a number of recent industry projects, and his time as a well-respected member of our stewarding team.

“Our sincere thanks go to Andrew Merriam for his immense service to the BHA Board across many areas and committees, and his continued service to the sport of racing. It would be hard to find a better liked or more respected individual and his contribution to the racing industry during his three terms at the BHA has been significant indeed.”

Notes to Editors

1. The full makeup of the BHA Board can be found here.

2. An Independent Regulatory Non-Executive Director is a director with non- executive oversight of the BHA’s regulatory functions. In this role, David will have non-executive oversight of raceday-specific regulatory functions such as Compliance, Licensing, Disciplinary, Raceday Operations (including Stewarding) and the Rules of Racing. The BHA’s other Independent Regulatory Non- Executive Director, Sir Paul Stephenson, remains in office and has non-executive oversight of the BHA’s integrity functions.

3. On his appointment to the BHA David will be leaving his role on the Racecourse Committee at Kempton Park to ensure there is no perception of a conflict of interest.