19 Feb 2003 Pre-2014 Releases

The Committee set up by the BHB Board to consider applications for fixtures for new racecourses met on 17th February for the first time since the closing date for submissions to be made to BHB.

BHB Chief Executive Greg Nichols, Chairman of the New Racecourse Fixtures Committee, commented:

“The Committee gave preliminary consideration to the applications for fixtures for 2004 and agreed on a modus operandi as well as identifying a number of aspects of the applicants’ business plans which required further amplification. The full process of evaluating the proposals against the Guidelines circulated to applicants is now underway and, until the Committee’s recommendations have been considered by the Board, it is not anticipated that any further announcements will be made by BHB.

“BHB has agreed with all applicants that it will not publicise either the total number of applicants or their identities. It is for the promoters themselves to decide whether they wish to make their proposals known or to keep them confidential at this stage.

“With the 2004 Fixture List due to be agreed in July 2003, the Committee intends to submit recommendations to the BHB Board before its July meeting.”


Expressions of Interest and Full Applications

As stated in advertisements placed by BHB in November 2002, the deadline for submitting to BHB expressions of interest in respect of proposals for a new racecourse or for new tracks within existing racecourses was 6th December 2002. After that date, no further proposals would be eligible for consideration by BHB in the 2002/03 period.

BHB responded to those who made such expressions of interest, enclosing a copy of its Guidelines for the Development of New Racecourses and an extract from the Jockey Club Racecourse Manual.

BHB stated in this response that it must receive a full submission by 24th January 2003, which would need to be accompanied by a conceptual plan of the proposed development plus an intended implementation date and a business plan containing an analysis of proposed capital investment and financial projections as well as detailing the anticipated commercial benefits to British Racing.

NRFC Membership

The members of the NRFC are:

Greg Nichols (BHB Chief Executive) (Chairman)
Stephen Crown (Racehorse Owners Association)
Tony Goodhew (Jockey Club Director of Racecourse Licensing and Standards)
Ruth Quinn (BHB Racing Director)
Julian Richmond-Watson (Chairman, BHB Race Planning Committee)
Chris Wall (National Trainers Federation)