01 Mar 2012 Pre-2014 Releases

Gary Bridgwater

Gary Bridgwater, who was formerly a licensed Trainer, has been informed he will be required to attend a Disciplinary Panel hearing to consider possible breaches of the Rules of Racing relating to whether or not he is in breach of:

Rule (A) 50 insofar as that Rule imposes an obligation on Persons subject to the Rules of Racing to provide, upon authorised request, any information or record which an Approved Person reasonable believes is relevant to an investigation conducted by the Authority under the powers afforded it by part (A) 5 of the Rules of Racing.


Rule (A) 31.2 insofar as that Rule prohibits the misleading or, by an overt act, the endeavour to mislead any employee of the Authority in connection with the administration or control of racing.

The date for the Disciplinary Panel Inquiry into this matter will be announced in due course.

John Harris

The Disciplinary hearing regarding licensed trainer John Harris – to consider possible breaches of the Rules of Racing relating to the horse FADHB AR BITH (IRE) and whether the gelding participated in an unrecognised ‘flapping’ meeting while in his care – which was originally scheduled to be held on Thursday 1st March 2012 will now be held on Thursday 5th April 2012.

The delay to the hearing has been made at the request of John Harris and his representatives.

The initial notice of charges to be heard can be found here:

Elliot Cooper

Elliot Cooper, who was recently found in breach of old Rules 243 and 220(i) and subsequently disqualified for 12 months from 20 December 2011 until 19 December 2012, has withdrawn his appeal, which was due to be heard on Friday 2nd March 2012, and made no request that his deposit be returned.

Full details of the Disciplinary Panel result, reasons and penalties of the original hearing can be found here:

George Prodromou

George Prodromou, who was recently found in breach of Rules (A)41.2, (C)45.4.1 and (C)64.1 and subsequently disqualified for 8 years from 24 February 2012 until 23 February 2020, has submitted an appeal.

The Appeal Board will hear his appeal on a date to be confirmed.

Full details of the original Disciplinary Panel result and penalties can be found here: