Stewarding Consultation Forum launched to shape ongoing progression of British stewarding

10 Dec 2018 BHA Features Integrity

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today announced details of a new consultation forum which is designed to shape the continuing progress and evolution of raceday stewarding in Great Britain.

The forum will act as a conduit between members of the BHA’s stewarding teams and the BHA Executive and Board, giving feedback on the continuing implementation and development of the Stewarding Review.

The group will also assist to identify areas for further improvement and development in relation to raceday stewarding and provide a means by which the BHA can conduct preliminary high-level consultation and obtain input in relation to proposed raceday regulatory initiatives.

The forum is comprised of a cross-section of the BHA’s Stewarding team split equally between BHA employees and volunteer stewards, as well as members of the BHA’s integrity and handicapping departments.

Broadcaster and journalist Lydia Hislop will act as facilitator of the forum in an independent capacity, with BHA Chief Regulatory Officer Brant Dunshea acting as chair. The forum will also ask other interested parties for their input as part of their ongoing work.

The new stewarding model was announced in August 2018 following an extensive consultation and is intended to improve standards of officiating, increase consistency, transparency and accountability and to bring British racing in to alignment with other sporting bodies and  racing jurisdictions, whilst also respecting and utilising the history, tradition and significant expertise of the current model.

Chief Regulatory Officer Brant Dunshea said:

“This forum will not only allow a regular flow of communication between the BHA’s stewarding teams and the BHA Executive and Board, but also create a group which is capable of making a significant and effective ongoing contribution as we look to implement the new ‘one team’ model from 2019.

“I’m looking forward to chairing the group and getting insight from those involved in stewarding day-to-day to see how we can use the experience of our people who work so hard on the racecourse to improve the performance of our stewarding function.”

Lydia Hislop said:

“This is an exciting moment in the evolution of stewarding in British racing. I am looking forward to playing a facilitating role in the Stewarding Consultation Forum, alongside those with a broad and deep understanding of the work this entails, and to providing objective but informed input to this process.”


Notes to editors:

1. The press release announcing the new stewarding model can be found here.

2. The members of the Stewarding Consultation Forum are as follows:

Chair: Brant Dunshea
Lydia Hislop
Paul Barton
Sam Angell
Ian Comer
Simon Cowley
Edward Dorrell
Steve Drowne
Sarah Ellison
David Jones
Joanne Hawkins
Rosie Pearson
Alistair Scrimgeour
Adrian Sharpe
Kate Smith
Colin Vickers
Richard Westropp