14 Sep 2006 Pre-2014 Releases


Published: Thursday 14 Sep 2006

For races run on or after Monday 18th September, the relaxation whereby a trainer could withdraw a horse without penalty due to ‘unsuitable ground’ having walked the course himself (or a representative) but without taking the horse to the course, will be withdrawn.

Malcolm Wallace, Director of Regulation, said:

“We issued this relaxation at the same time as 48 hour declarations for Flat racing were introduced to avoid horses travelling to courses un-necessarily.

“Whilst we are confident that our relaxation of Rule 144 has not had a significant effect on the increase in non-runners, it has been in place for six weeks and we now have the opportunity over the remaining six weeks of the Flat Turf season to get some meaningful statistics for comparative purposes. We will then be in a position to assess the rule prior to the beginning of next year’s Flat Turf season.”

This withdrawal is being notified to trainers via the NTF and the BHB / Weatherbys Racing Administration Site.

As of Monday, penalties for non-runners will be imposed as per Rule 144 unless:

(a) The trainer submits a satisfactory veterinary certificate.

(b) There is a change in the going on the day of the race from that which the Trainer could reasonably have expected from the going report published in the Press on the day the horse was declared to run.

(c) The Trainer considers the horse would be unsuited by the going, provided the horse is on the racecourse and its identity has been verified.

(d) Any other explanation satisfactory to the Stewards.

Thursday 14th September 2006