26 Jun 2008 Pre-2014 Releases

The Veker Extrusions Mares Only Handicap Hurdle Race
Worcester 11th May 2008

Worcester Racecourse have been informed that the Disciplinary Panel of the Authority will be holding an enquiry to consider whether or not it has committed a breach of Rule 80(ii)(e) of the Rules of Racing in relation to an “H” marker being incorrectly deployed by a member of the racecourse staff in the above race on 11th May. The misplacing of the marker resulted in the course being incorrectly marked and two riders pulling up as they thought that they had taken the wrong course.

The hearing is set for 3rd July.

26th June 2008

Notes for Editors:

1. Rule 80 (ii) (e) states that it is the responsibility of the Managing Executive to ensure that the course is properly marked.

2. A breach of Rule 80 carries a range of £1,000 to £15,000 with an entry point of £3,500.

3. The Stewards’ Enquiry on the day reads as follows:
The Stewards called before them Wayne Kavanagh, the rider of KENTFORD MIST, and W.T. Kennedy, the rider of QUEEN BOUDICCA, and asked them why they pulled up before the first flight in the back straight. Having heard their evidence, that of the Clerk of the Course and the Inspector of Courses, and having viewed the video recording, the Stewards found that the riders pulled up because an H marker, denoting the hurdle course, had been inserted by a member of the ground staff incorrectly. The Stewards accepted Kavanagh and Kennedy’s explanation that on seeing the H marker they thought they had taken the wrong course and pulled up in compliance with Rule 152 (iii). They were satisfied that remainder of the field had taken the correct course and that the H marker was not on the plan of the course in the jockeys’ changing room. The Stewards submitted a report to the British Horseracing Authority.